LocoNet® Fast Clock

The LNFC provides remote fast clock display capability and works in conjunction with the network fast clock found on Digitrax command stations such as the DCS100.
The LNFC has the following features:
bullet Large (0.8"), easy-to-read, red LED digits
bullet Local 12 or 24 hour time format
bullet Local alarm
bullet PM indicator
bullet Configurable features
bullet Local alarm behavior (on/off, flashing colon or alarm indicator)
bullet Flashing colon when clock is running
bullet Initial/default (i.e. power-up) time
bullet Event Triggers
bullet Turn layout accessories (e.g. lights) on and off
bullet Used in conjunction with any brand of DCC accessory decoder; the LNFC communicates with the Digitrax command station which then issues the appropriate DCC commands
bullet Each LNFC supports 4 independent events
bullet You program each event to turn on and off at times you select
bullet Adjustable brightness level
bullet Ability to change the network time and fast rate
bullet Two LocoNet jacks for connecting to other LNFCs or other LocoNet products
bullet Pre-mounted fascia plate (~2.8" x ~5.8"); module can be mounted in Radio Shack project box #270-1805
bullet 1 year warranty
What's included:
bullet Fast clock module with pre-mounted fascia plate
bullet Available with or without a 120VAC wall transformer
bullet 3 ft. LocoNet cable
bullet User Guide
bullet $79 MSRP (with wall transformer) $74 MSRP (without wall transformer)
Large Version (LNFC-L)

Differences from the LNFC:
bullet EXTRA large (2.3"), easy-to-read, red LED digits
bullet Pre-mounted color filter for enhanced visibility (brightness is NOT adjustable); overall size is 4.5" x 10.5"
bullet 6 ft. Cab Bus cable
bullet $125 MSRP (with wall transformer) $120 MSRP (without wall transformer)

LocoNet is a registered trademark of Digitrax, Inc.