HO & N scale Detectable (Resistance) Wheelsets

HO scale 33"

N scale 33"

bullet Provides detection of unpowered/unlit rolling stock for use with ANY current-sensing detection circuit (e.g.  Chubb's optimized detector, ISS, NCE BD20, etc)
bullet Each wheelset has a nominal resistance of 10K ohms; other values available by special order
bullet Wheelsets are made with metal axles and nickel-plated brass wheels (all except HO 28" from Intermountain Railway) or nickel-silver wheels (HO 28" from NorthWest ShortLine); we use real resistors (not resistance paint!)
bullet Stocked HO scale sizes: 28", 33", 36" diameter; other sizes available by special request
bullet Stocked N scale sizes: 33", 36"; other sizes available by special request; axle length is 0.55" (NOT compatible with Micro-Trains trucks!)
bullet Use one or two per piece of rolling stock depending on your personal preference. If a piece of rolling stock is bridging two blocks then one wheelset per truck would be required for detection in both blocks.
bullet $8.95 MSRP (per package of 4 axles; 33" and 36" HO or N scale)
bullet $16.95 MSRP (per package of 4 axles; 28" HO scale)